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Why does Spring make us want to move house?


Yes, the weather still can’t make its mind up, but Spring is officially just around the corner.


We’ve got the uncontrollable urge to have a huge spring clean, redecorate or move home. Do you ever get that in Spring?


You’re not the only one. Spring signals new beginnings, and this can be an exciting move to a new home through Kirkham Property.

Flowers spring to life, new-born animals and brighter evenings can make us feel restless as we anticipate the lighter and warmer months.

Some call it ‘Spring Fever’ but the sudden change of season has a physiological impact on the body. Increased serotonin makes us happier, a decrease in melatonin makes us less sleepy and an increase in endorphins accounts for an increase of energy, and it’s this energy which makes us want to move, redecorate or spend more time outdoors.

Some describe the feeling of coming out of winter to be like a ‘hangover’ – a lighter version of what hibernating animals experience. The human ‘hibernation’ is over, serotonin dominates and we’re ready to use this energy to make an exciting new home.

Moving should always be exciting and stress free. There’s a reason why we’ve been helping people move home for over 35 years, we offer fantastic service and staff to provide support and regular updates every step of the way.

Brighter nights mean more opportunity to be out and about viewing potential homes, the new-found boost in happiness hormones puts us in a good mood and what starts as a spring clean can quickly become a complete move.

Looking to channel your restless energy into moving home? Contact us today and our fantastic Kirkham team will be happy to help you on your way.